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Regenerative Medicine: A Nonsurgical Option for Back Pain

Kuether Brain and Spine is continuing to explore alternative solutions to treating back pain for our community of patients. We’re particularly focused on offering more regenerative medicine solutions at our practice in Portland, Oregon.

Since the beginning, the staff at Kuether Brain and Spine has believed that surgery should only be used a last-resort treatment option or for the most severe cases.

We always try to find nonsurgical treatments ahead of surgery due to the challenges of recovery and risk factors.

We’ll often suggest physical therapy or alternative pain management treatments such as acupuncture and cupping before exploring surgery.

As medical innovation has progressed, regenerative medicine solutions such as amniotic injections and now exosomes are available to possibly help with problems such as chronic non-healing wounds, soft tissue injuries, chronic inflamed joint pain, repetitive motion injuries and inflammation.

Kuether Brain and Spine offers both amniotic injections and ExoFlo exosome injections as nonsurgical options in some instances.

ExoFlo is an injection which “is known to stimulate stem cell activity and communication. By increasing stem cell activity and communication, the body is able to expedite the repair, recovery and healing process of many injuries.

ExoFlo can also be applied in a topical format where it can help with the repair and reconstruction of skin tissue.

ExoFlo is extremely innovative because it integrates “exosomes,” which are the microvesicles that are involved in cell communication.

Exosomes essentially help to direct cell signaling, which helps medical professionals to target areas of the body that need repair.

Because of exosomes, ExoFlo is able to encourage a wide range of growth factors to stimulate and modulate many processes within the healing cascade.

On average, patients will see the effects and potential relief within 4 weeks of the initial injection. Many patients with pain, inflammation, degenerative diseases, or strains experience significant improvement after a single treatment.

If you’re interested in exploring if ExoFlo and regenerative medicine is the right treatment option for your specific situation, set up an appointment with the staff at Kuether Brain and Spine. Hope to see you soon!