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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Inspiration

As we wrap up another fabulous year, it’s time to look forward to a fantastic and healthy 2019.

To get this year started on the right foot, Kuether Brain and Spine has curated a list of some of your favorite New Year’s resolutions to promote a happy and healthy year.

Stand up every hour at Work

It’s no secret that sitting all day can be detrimental to one’s overall health so it is so important to make an effort to stand throughout the work day.

Making an effort to stand just 15 minutes of every hour can lead to better back health by reducing back and neck pain as well as improve one’s overall mood.

An easy way to implement this new habit into your workday is by upgrading your desk to a standing desk and setting hourly reminders on your phone or work computer.

Eliminate electronics from the bedroom (phones to TV’s to everything in between)

Sleep is one of your body’s most critical tools for repair so this resolution aims to make getting and staying asleep a little bit easier.

Electronics, especially usage in the bedroom, is proven to disrupt sleep patterns and make sleep less effective.

To create a healthy sleep routine, professionals recommend regulating your sleep schedule with consistent wake-up and bedtimes; blocking out noise with soothing white noise; keeping lighting and temperatures the same and making your pre-bedtime routine the same.

Walk or Take the Stairs

The little things can add up if they are consistently done. Walking more or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator can increase the body’s activity levels. Every step is a step towards better health.

In fact, walking to a nearby store instead of driving can be extremely beneficial as regular low impact aerobic exercise can reduce inflammation, strengthen muscles and encourage oxygen-rich blood to injured areas.

Find and Stick with an Exercise Regime

Finding an exercise regime that works for your schedule and activity level is imperative to making it stick.

Consistency is key as it takes an estimated – 66 days or a little over 2 months to create a long-lasting habit.

Some of the best ways to explore new exercise includes trying various group exercise classes as the first class is often free; finding a workout partner to promote accountability; or mixing up the various types of exercise to include high-intensity, aerobic, low-intensity, strengthening; and flexibility/stretching.

Cook More at Home

Eating out can sometimes be the most convenient option, but it often is much more expensive and less beneficial to your health since portions sizes are often too big and even healthy items can be masked with unhealthy ingredients like hidden sugars, oils or mass amounts of fats.

Cooking at home, though, can be fun and significantly enhance your health. Cooking at home also gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and try new cuisines.