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5 Things Patients Should Prepare Before Surgery

Every patient story is different. For those whose journeys require surgery, there are many steps to consider and prepare prior to operation day. Kuether Brain and Spine compiled a few items in the list below.

During the preparation prior to surgery, the Kuether Brain and Spine team will specifically discuss and educate its patients on all the necessary prep for their more specific medical needs.

The list below includes commonly forgotten, but highly important action items.

  1. Prepare Transportation To & From Surgery Facility

A patient should arrange transportation with a family member or trusted friend to arrive and more importantly, depart the surgery facility.

Patients are not allowed to call a cab or driving service post-operation; therefore, it is important to arrange transportation and aftercare with a trusted ally well in advance to ensure a safe beginning to post-operation recovery.

  1. Establish a Support System

It is also critical to establish a support system for the post-operation recovery process, especially for the first 48-hours.

Again, a family member or trusted friend should stay, monitor and/or check-in with a recovering surgery patient to ensure there are no complications or accidents.

Frequent check-ins in the following weeks are also strongly recommended to encourage both physical and mental well-being during recuperation.

  1. Surgery-Proof Your Living Situation

In the weeks before a patient’s scheduled surgery date, it can be helpful to surgery-proof the home.

Some helpful recommendations include: placing a slip-proof chair in the shower, installing a toilet seat riser, and purchasing non-slip slip-on shoes and/or an reach and grab tool to make the little things slightly easier.

  1. Plan Activities

Mental health is equally as significant as physical health during a recovery journey. It can be helpful to have a few activities picked out to keep the brain engaged.

Some recommendations include having a handful of movies chosen, curating a list of new books and scheduling both phone calls or in-person visits with family or friends.

  1. Have Food, Fluids and Prescriptions Ready

It seems obvious to have food, water and prescriptions prepared before going into operation; however, it can be easy to forget.

Healthy, easy-to-digest food like sauted vegetables, fresh fruit smoothies and other high-fiber meals should be prepped prior, plenty of drinkable water should be available and prescriptions should be picked up from the pharmacy all before the surgery date.

Again, these are just a few of the many important things to do prior to surgery.

Your medical professionals, including the staff at Kuether Brain and Spine, can help educate you on all necessary arrangements and guidelines.