Brain and Spine
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Brain and Spine Patient Stories

The team and Kuether Brain and Spine believe there is more to caring for patients than technical expertise. It’s frightening to receive the news that you or someone close to you needs major surgery. To allay your fears and answer your questions, you need a brain surgeon or spine surgeon who listens and understands.

Dr. Kuether will explain your diagnosis in everyday language. He’ll tell you if surgery is the answer, or if there are nonsurgical alternatives.

Are you suffering from lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or persistent headaches? Dr. Kuether has helped numerous people in his over 15 years of practicing medicine. Some of his patients’ stories are reprinted below. Perhaps you’ll recognize your symptoms in one of their stories. When you read these letters and thank you cards, you’ll see that our patient’s needs always come first.

Minimally invasive surgery is one of Dr. Kuether’s specialties. This type of surgery can help you make a quick recovery while avoiding the side-effects associated with open surgery.

Dr. Kuether trained in neurosurgery at Oregon Health Sciences University for seven years. He is the director of neurotrauma at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. He has earned every credential a neurosurgeon needs and continues to educate himself on the most up-to-date practices at every opportunity.

Learn about Portland neurosurgeon Dr. Kuether’s qualifications by reading his curriculum vitae. His experience and education are detailed here. His degrees, training and research are well documented. Dr. Kuether has an impressive background as a practicing physician, medical school professor and contributor to numerous scientific journals.