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Celebrities with Previous Spinal or Brain Injuries: Tracy Morgan

The scripted comedy, 30 Rock, cemented itself as an American mainstay alongside other comedies like Modern Family and The Office.

The 30 Rock actor/actress roster included comedians Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan.

Tracy Morgan is an American actor known for his realistic sense of humor and his roles on Saturday Night Live and in movies like Cop Out and The Boxtrolls.

In June 2014, Tracy Morgan’s success, hard work and life nearly ended due to a horrific car crash.

Morgan was a passenger in the terrible car crash, which caused Morgan severe traumatic brain injuries leaving him in a coma for eight days and his future as an actor as well as fully functioning person unknown.

Fortunately, Morgan awoke from his coma and then began his journey of recovery with months of physical rehabilitation and cognitive therapy.

In addition to Morgan’s long enduring physical and cognitive recovery, Morgan previously survived a kidney transplant and lives everyday as a diabetic. In the recovery period of Morgan’s traumatic brain injury, it took well over a year to only live with minor symptoms.

Tracy Morgan cited he walked with cane due to both physical and cognitive injuries and suffered headaches, nosebleeds, and memory shortages.

Automobile accidents are one of the most common reasons for traumatic brain injuries that require hospitalization.

Tracy Morgan is extremely fortunate he was able to make a full recovery as some people will face prolonged symptoms for the rest of their lives.

The rehabilitation process is also particularly critical to traumatic brain injury recovery as the brain needs to repair and strengthen its neuroplasticity.

Speed of cognition and memory are two commonly impacted brain functions; however, every case is unique.

Another highly important element to recovery is sleep as sleep helps promote healing.

Traumatic brain injuries are particularly interesting as each case is highly individualistic to the patient as well traumatic brain injuries are extremely dangerous and scary.

While isolated instances such as car accidents are often unpreventable, it is important to remember to take safety recommendations and precautions like wearing seat belts and following traffic laws seriously as they help to keep passengers safe.

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Dr. Todd Kuether and Legacy Emanuel Hospital will always be ready to assist those in need, especially those who are recovering from the intense experience of traumatic brain injury.