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What’s BrainPath and What Can it Treat?

Kuether Brain and Spine is always in search of the most innovative, cutting-edge technology in order to better assist our community of patients as safely and effectively as possible.

One of the most difficult diagnosis that the Kuether Brain and Spine team treats are brain tumors and blood clots located deep within the brain.

The challenge of deep brain tumors or blood clots is high risk of damaging the surrounding areas of the brain during treatment.

However, thanks to a new neurosurgery system called BrainPath, treating these diseases became slightly less risky.

BrainPath is an imaging system that allows a neurosurgeon to navigate the brain’s structure including folds and neural pathways more clearly and helps decrease the risk of cutting or damaging other areas.

BrainPath allows surgeons to exactly locate a tumor or blood clot due to the combination of precision imaging, global positioning technology and high-definition fiber optics.

Another major benefit of the BrainPath system is the incision is no bigger than a dime, yet gives the neurosurgery team enough access to reach and successfully remove blood clots or tumors even from the deepest part of the brain.

With smaller incisions, the amount of blood loss is typically decreased and recovery time is usually shortened.

This new technology can treat a number of previously inoperable tumors and blood clots including Glioblastoma multiforme; other primary brain tumors; metastatic brain tumors; intracerebral hemorrhage or hemorrhagic stroke; and hemorrhage from traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Todd Kuether of Kuether Brain & Spine is proud to use the BrainPath system at his practice as it allows him to treat patients with some of the most difficult brain conditions.

His whole team is committed to mastering the latest technology to be able to provide the best care possible for their community of patients.