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Three Everyday Activities that Encourage Better Brain Health

Since this week is international Brain Awareness Week, we wanted to share three easy, everyday ways to encourage better brain health.

Our brains like many other parts of our bodies can improve from preventative care and benefit from exercise.

However, training and caring for your brain may be one of your easiest health routines.


Our brain loves and needs social interaction; loneliness can possibly lead to a 65 percent increased risk of dementia, according to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

As humans, we need to talk, bond and make connections with new friends while maintaining and cherishing old friendships. The connection made between humans stimulates our emotional connectivity and intellectual capabilities.

If there was ever a reason to plan a trip, go to dinner or even just give an old friend a call, it’s for your brain.

Socialization improves your brain health and betters your life.


Just like your body, your brain also benefits from a daily or weekly exercise regime.

Exercise whether it’s swimming, running, jogging or even a brisk walk outside promotes the development of nerve cells and strengthens the number of synapses or brain cell connections.

Additionally, regular physical exercise and a healthy diet are correlated with lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, reduced stress levels and managed blood sugar levels.

These factors not only improve brain health, but overall bodily health.

Discover a New Love for Music

Music is a definitely a fun way to increase more brain activity.

Participating in musical activities such as singing or playing an instrument is shown to activate both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, which is an incredibly healthy activity for your brain.

The cross-communication that occurs in your brain while engaging in musical activity is believed to increase or encourage growth in the number of brain synapses.

Singing on your commute, digging up your old band drum or trying to learn the piano are all activities that can enrich your life and deepen your brain’s health.

While your musical activities may not sound great at the beginning, it’s an entertaining way to keep your brain young and potentially find a new passion.

We at Kuether Brain and Spine hope these easy tips inspire you to live healthy for both your brain and your body. Happy Brain Awareness Week!