Jackie Chan is an international movie star known for his unique physical comedic chops and for his endless nerve. Chan performs all of his own stunts and is a master of martial arts. After a career spanning well-over forty years, Chan is now 65 and has experienced a variety of injuries from his stunts.

Starting his film career at the tender age of eight, Chan has been in an estimated in 110 films; he’s completed his own stunts of all of these. Jackie Chan claims he’s broken every bone in his body throughout his career as a stuntman. One of the most notable injuries occurred in 1986 when Chan fractured his skull after falling over 40 feet while attempting to complete a jump. Fortunately, Chan was able to make a fully recovery from the head injury without any brain trauma or limited cognitive function. He did suffer some brain bleeding during this incident creating a high level of medical concern.

Just a few years before this serious head injury in 1983, Jackie Chan suffered another severe injury while filming his movie, Project A. A fall from a 25 meter (or nearly 83 feet) tower caused Chan cervical spine damage, breaking his 7th and 8th vertebrae. Chan had to have spinal surgery and completed many months of physical therapy before returning to his job as an actor and stuntman. This injury continued to haunt Chan as he experienced additional spinal damage in 1985 while filming A Police Story and has been partially paralyzed from a dislocation of his pelvis and tailbone injury.

Thankfully Chan has not reported any additional severe injuries in his most recent films. He is fortunate that his recoveries have consistently yielded positive results and exemplify proper spinal and head trauma care.