Brain and Spine
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An Inside Look at a Typical Week at Kuether Brain & Spine

The Portland medical scene is already a tight-knit community; however, as a practice, Kuether Brain and Spine, works together like a family. Dr. Todd Kuether and his team have worked together for many years.

Some of the Kuether staff has worked together for over 15 years. They enjoy not only spending time together during the workweek, but also in their personal time.

Dr. Kuether and his staff Amanda, Nita and Michele plan trips and retreats together, hike and throw casual dinner parties to maintain and flourish their supportive, family atmosphere.

With this positive team environment, the typical week at Kuether Brain & Spine can be fast-paced and highly active.

At Kuether Brain and Spine, each week consists of three kinds of days: surgery days, on-call days and clinic days.

Surgery days mean Dr. Kuether and the staff are preparing and conducting both prescheduled and elective surgeries.

Dr. Kuether, his physician assistant Amanda, and the rest of the staff assist patients in preparing for their surgery, performing the surgeries and assisting in post-operation recovery.

According to the staff, the best patients are those invested in their health throughout the entire medical process from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

Post-operational recovery can be both physically and mentally taxing; however, patients who are invested in every stage and establish a personal support system, often reach their goals.

Surgery days make up for about half of Kuether Brain and Spine’s workdays.

As always, Kuether Brain and Spine’s motto has always been to do the right thing for each individual patient.

Dr. Kuether tries to be as minimally invasive as possible by recommending other health alternatives such as naturopathic medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture and injections in addition to appropriate surgical procedures.

Dr. Kuether is also on-call for at least 16 days out of every month to assist with trauma injuries and emergency surgeries at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

On-call days remain as the most unpredictable and require the staff to be as flexible as possible.

However, when the team is not on-call or working a surgery day, there are clinic days.

Clinic days are just as important because this is when the Kuether team is able to meet and help prospective patients and follow up with existing patients.

Clinic days are especially valued by the Kuether team because it is when they are able to develop intimate relationships with their patients and share critical educational information pertaining to patient treatment.

The Kuether Brain and Spine team works hard every day for its patients and wants to be as helpful as possible to future, prospective patients.

The typical week never becomes dull because we truly love helping those suffering from back pain, spinal injury or brain injury.

We treat each other like family and enjoy being together, which we believe can be felt and seen in our approach to patient care-friendly, approachable and with the best intention.