Dr. Kuether is always accepting new patients. Please call our office or use our contact form on our home page to receive a call back.

Appointment Checklist: The following forms need to be filled out when you come in for your first appointment. These forms can be printed off this website or filled-in online and printed.

  1. Clinic Admission Form
  2. Release of medical information to Dr. Kuether. This form needs to be sent to your doctor in order to forward your records to our clinic. This is included in the clinic admission form packet.
  3. Kuether Brain and Spine’s Privacy Policy is listed here.


Please also bring in:

  1. Relevant radiologic studies (x-rays, MRI’s, CAT Scans) if not done at a Legacy facility.
  2. Copy of insurance card
  3. Workman’s Compensation Form or Motor Vehicle Accident Information form if relevant
  4. Driver’s license or photo id

To set up an appointment with Dr. Kuether’s office please call (503) 489-8111.